The Polish Competition

The Polish documentary film competition serves as a platform for discussing modern documentary art. After the screenings, the filmmakers and audience members will have the opportunity to share their thoughts in the festival spirit. The tension between the classic and the new forms of expression, formal and thematic exploration, the defying of genres, and the changing of cinematic customs: this is what determines SEFF. The intercultural background and dialogue of the Polish-German committee members guarantee the viewers a broad look at modern documentary cinema, its artistic and social engagement, as well as involvement in an individual protagonist.

What can be surprising about the Polish Competition is that no fewer than 5 authors of the films presented here are not from Poland. Poland is the producer or co-producer of each of these titles, and this was the deciding criterion (apart from the quality of the selected documentaries, naturally).
This broad cultural spectrum provides a very interesting cognitive space. An author from the USA and one from Italy made an experimental film on an Austrian poet who died (probably by suicide) in a Cracow military hospital after the outbreak of World War I. An author from India descends with his film crew intro a Polish coal mine. Through the magic of cinema we will also visit Yerevan, a certain poet's small flat, and a dreamt-up world. The Polish Competition comprises productions that utilise traditional narrative as well as completely experimental works. 10 important screenings await the audience and jurors, which will be followed by meetings between the two groups where, as is tradition, they will discuss the films.


This year, the Program Committee consisting of Jörg Foth, Joanna Wójcik, and Bartosz Wójcik has selected the following 10 films for the Polish Competition:

1. "85625" by Maciej Jarczyński, 2014, 18'25”, Poland, 
2. "Amerykanka. All included" by Viktar Korzoun, 2014, 52', Belarus/Poland, 
3. "Chapri" by Katarzyna Płazińska, 2014, 6', Poland (European premiere), 
4. "Niewidzialne" by Zofia Pręgowska, 2014, 22', Poland, 
5. "Pieśń Pasterza" by Vahram Mkhitaryan, 2014, 30', Poland,
6. "RekonGrodek" by Devin Horan, Margherita Malerba, 2014, 17', Germany/Poland/United States (Polish premiere), 
7. "The Real Dreams" by Michalina Hendrys, 2014, 10'54”, Poland, 
8. "Touch Of Freedom" by Sardar Arshad Khan, 2015, 11'38”, Poland (Polish premiere), 
9. "Visible - Not Visible" by Michalina Hendrys, 2014, 3'37”, Poland,
10. "Wrona" by Przemysław Jan Chrobak, 2014, 8', Poland.

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