Amerykanka. All Included

Running time: 52’
Production: BY/PL 2014
The film tells about well-known journalist and writer Alexander Fyaduta and his life in the Belarussian KGB prison "Amerikanka." 20 years ago he was advisor toLukashenko and helped him win the elections. Then Fyaduta left him and joined the Belarussian opposition. The protagonist was in custody for 110 days after the 2010 presidential election in Belarus and described it in a book. The idea of the film - to shift the disappointing reality of the language of literature, changing the genre from drama to comedy. Thus the terrible State Mechanism portrayed in ironic tones, turns into a caricature of itself. Alexander Fyaduta will take the audience into one of the most secret places in Belarus - “Amerikanka,” not just the real prison, but a drawn and animated version of it.




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