Visible – Not Visible

Running time: 3’37’’
Production: PL 2014
The images are everywhere, and nature is the greatest artist. Photography is strongly connected to nature, we can say it comes from nature. Photography contains an element of magic, particularly pinhole photography. The phenomenon of camera obscura occurs spontaneously in nature, it creates the most realistic projections. You can get the most interesting illusions by manipulating those projections. Nature “controls” the process of seeing through manipulating light and shadow. On one hand, the author is paying tribute to nature, on the other: she tries to change the course of things and take control over the process of viewing. Using white and black paint, the author sometimes hides and sometimes enhances nature's projections. Freely changing the viewing angle, focus, stretching and resizing, using paint she gives it a new form. She’s playing with nature.
Obrazy są wszędzie, a natura jest najwspanialszym artystą. Fotografia, mocno z naturą




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