The Competition

The competition section of Szczecin European Film Festival is a platform for exploring the characteristics of contemporary film art. It relates to reality and the modern means of recording it, describing it, processing it, and producing it within the sphere of film work. The definition of reality adopted by the festival's organisers is broad and applies to events, processes, spaces, subjective internal reality, one might say: to everything that the author “serves,” and the existence of which they manage to justify through their work. The category of creative exploration is the key category here.
From among 1750 submissions, the Program Committee has selected 32 films for the European Competition and 10 for the Polish Competition. Thanks to the online film platforms that channelled the entries, one could see a spectrum of what is currently happening in the area of documentary film. Now Szczecin European Film Festival carries this picture further: for the evaluation by viewers and jurors, as well as for a grand cinematic experience.
23 Polish premieres, 3 European premieres, 5 worldwide premieres, and 6 debut films have found their way to the competitions.

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