SEFF '15 opening ceremony

Traditionally the opening ceremony will take place in the building of Polish Television in Szczecin. Its key points will include presenting the program of SEFF ’15, discussions with the invited guests on the state of documentary film in the world, a live performance by the music duo Jackpot, sponsors' speeches, and the solemn inauguration of the film celebration by the festival's Polish-German directorial board. The entire event will be broadcast by TVP Szczecin, and it will be hosted by renowned actor, poet, and musician from Szczecin – Konrad Pawicki. The second, unofficial part shall include the premiere of the Portuguese documentary “Memórias de um filme” directed by Tiago Resende, and during the official banquet we will have the pleasure of listening to Pajestka-Kostecki Duo.

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D, ED: Tiago Resende, CI: Nuno Oliveira; PT 2014, COL, 26’
This documentary project aims to study movie theatres and the movie experience. Cities have been losing their temples of cinema. The act of going to the cinema is losing social importance. People do not go to the dark room in search of the dream. The film used to be experienced and felt together. Today, we are alone, like these places that are isolated, without public, without projectionists, without films, without cinema. The habit of going to the cinema has been lost. We do not dream. The memories of these places and the ones who went there and lived there, with emotion and the cinema, are gone. But some memories remain, the memories of a film. A temple. A ritual. Multiple experiences.
Iron Dream (2015)
Memories of a Film (2014)
António Resende: Um Portuense Ilustre (2011)
Born in 1990, lives in Porto. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Audiovisual at ESAP in 2011 and a master’s degree in Audiovisual Communication, with a specialization in Photography and Documentary Cinema at ESMAE in 2014. He is the owner and site administrator of “Cinema 7th Art” since 2008. Since 2010 he has worked on several short films, working on image and sound. He occupied the position of director in 2011 for “António Resende: Um Portuense Ilustre.”
Born on July 29th 1968 in Wrocław. Has studied at the Department of Acting of the Ludwik Solski State Drama School (PWST) in Cracow – Faculty in Wrocław. Actor, singer, radio and television broadcast presenter, poet, author and translator of lyrics, columnist, director. Since 1990 he has been associated with the Contemporary Theatre in Szczecin. In 1992 he started working as broadcast presenter for the newly-established station – Radio AS. Since then, his voice has been heard through various radio stations throughout Szczecin. In 2001 he started working with Polish Radio Szczecin, where he hosted the morning show “Studio Bałtyk” for over 10 years. Since May 2014 he has been collaborating with Radio Stargard. He also appears in the role of presenter in TVP Szczecin. Apart from the Contemporary Theatre, Pawicki also works on other stages in Szczecin. He has collaborated with Opera i Operetka, the 13muz Cultural Centre, Piwnica przy Krypcie at the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle. During the 2003/2004 season he became artistic director of this comedy scene, which he has run for 10 years. He has acted in over 50 theatre productions. Recently he has created three major roles in the stage comedies “Seks dla opornych,” “Pocałunek,” and “Godzina spokoju.” He has published two volumes of poetry: “Kobietojad” and “Niech żyję,” accompanied by a CD with songs and poems performed by the author. He has also sung songs by Nick Cave, Jim Morrison, and the London-based group Tiger Lillies. He is currently playing live shows and recording original songs as Konrad Pawicki & Band.

The Partner of the Opening Ceremony is Szczecińska Energetyka Cieplna, West Pomerania's leading distributor of heat and electrical power vendor. Together with heating companies from Barlinek, Dębno, Łobez, Myślibórz, Połczyn-Zdrój, Słubice and Strzelec Krajeńskich, they create the SEC group.



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