Running time: 17’

Production: DE/PL/USA 2014

“What clues are you looking for? What clues? The death of Georg Trakl, insanity, hallucinatory prophecy, the nightmare of history, a vortex filtering reality through a morbidly confused mind. What clues are you looking for?” These questions are brought up by the experimental “RekonGrodek,” whose authors, through dark imagery, relate to the assumed suicide of poet Georg Trakl. It happened in a military hospital in Cracow in 1914. Conscripted in August, Trakl participated in one of the first battles: the unbelievably bloody battle of Gródek. Drafted as a pharmacist, he did not have a chance to help the dying and the suffering. His last poem, “Grodek,” was written after these events.



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