Mrożek. Life is worth living

The works of Sławomir Mrożek are widely known, in contrast to his private life, which was meticulously safeguarded. Nobody had access to it, save for his wife. Paweł Chara's project “Mrożek. Life is worth living,” which includes a film, album book, and a photography exhibition, presents the previously unknown life of the Master – a man of a great mind but also a grand heart, a lover of life. Paweł Chara was a personal secretary to Sławomir Mrożek; he lived in his office, accompanied him during trips and meetings with friends, participated in his professional work, in short – he became a part of his everyday life.



About the exhibition

The photographs by Paweł Chara are symbols that portray Mrożek on the border between worlds. Here, the real world clashes with the internal one, which results in images embedded in extraordinary, picturesque, occasionally disturbing or “ordinary” spaces. They present the Master alone with his own self – distant or close, present or deep within the galaxy of his thoughts. Each portrait is an attempt at delving into this unusual man. An attempt at answering the question: who was he really? The exhibition is composed of 38 phtographs in a 70x100 format.

About the movie:

Mrożek jokes during breakfast. Mrożek sings old Spanish songs. Mrożek talks about his attachment to Polish dried sausage and pickles. In other words: Mrożek “here and now,” who, perhaps to much surprise, is funny. In a way, the film “debunks” the stereotypical image of Mrożek the eccentric. It is a direct step into the “private room.” The very personal record of life fragments that simply show a person. Nobody has ever seen Mrożek like this. The documentary sheds an entirely new light on the Master. A positive light that will give rise to another, yet completely new discussion on this great Pole. Music by Armand Amar, Adam Klocek, and Zbigniew Preisner. The films also features: Jerzy Stuhr, Andrzej Seweryn, Jarosław Gajewski, Ryszard Szewczyk, Władysław Wolter. Produced by The Sławomir Mrożek Foundation.


The strategic sponsor of the project is PGNiG SA.

The event is organised by: OFFicyna Association, Sławomir Mrożek Foundation, Szczecin Philharmonic Hall.


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