Mrożek. Life is worth living

Running time: 40’

Mrożek jokes during breakfast. Mrożek sings old Spanish songs. Mrożek talks about his attachment to Polish dried sausage and pickles. In other words: Mrożek “here and now,” who, perhaps to much surprise, is funny. In a way, the film “debunks” the stereotypical image of Mrożek the eccentric. It is a direct step into the “private room.” The very personal record of life fragments that simply show a person. Nobody has ever seen Mrożek like this. The documentary sheds an entirely new light on the Master. A positive light that will give rise to another, yet completely new discussion on this great Pole. Music by Armand Amar, Adam Klocek, and Zbigniew Preisner. The films also features: Jerzy Stuhr, Andrzej Seweryn, Jarosław Gajewski, Ryszard Szewczyk, Władysław Wolter. Produced by The Sławomir Mrożek Foundation.




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