OFFicyna in Stara Rzeźnia

Thanks to the OFFicyna Association, for the tenth time now Szczecin will become a film centre for north-west Poland and north-east Germany. Between October 17th and 26th Szczecin European Film Festival 2015 will be held. Over 150 films from around the world, including 40 premieres. The main competition (the European Competition and the Polish Competition) will feature 42 productions from 22 countries, and the jury evaluating them will consist of: Tomasz Raczek, Muriel Montini, Claus Löser PhD (the European Competition), Agnieszka Obszańska, Andrzej Titkow, Maja Wolińska (the Polish Competition), and Sven Eggers, Klaus Blaudzun, Roberta Wirminghaus (the Findling Award). The jury will award prizes worth a total of about 50,000 PLN. Apart from the competition, SEFF '15 is also a rich accompanying program. 
SEFF is the flagship event of the OFFicyna Association, which has been around for more than 15 years. There is also Stary Cyfrowy Szczecin – our city's history caught on celluloid tape, as well as the Sedina Institute - anthropological-performative actions revolving around the mythical goddess of sailors. 
We will tell you about all this next Tuesday at 6 PM in Stara Rzeźnia during the weekly meetings with recent local history. 
added:: 2015-09-11
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