The Stories of Lord Christ

Running time: 22’

Production: PL 2015

The story of “a true artist without professional patronage” had been created for many years and in many places. The first stage took place in 1999-2000, when the audio version of the finished text was produced. The material was then repeatedly processed and edited. Finally the picture was produced, as planned from the very beginning. The text has been created in Vienna, the soundtrack in Szczecin, the video in Berlin. The screening at SEFF'15 is a world premiere of the audio-video material. 
The project is the result of work by a group whose members have never met together in full. Bartosz Wójcik is the author of the idea and of the text. The creations of Piotr Klimek, responsible for the soundtrack, and Michał Kosakowski, who made the video are, however, original in their nature.




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