Sexy laundry

Running time: 12’
German-Polish-Canadian film co-production, in the emergence of which Szczecin played an important role. The picture is an adaptation of a theatre play by the Canadian author Michele Riml. Its protagonists are Alice and Henry – a couple of fifty-year-olds tha have been maried for 25 years and became trapped in routine. They try to reignite the flame in a luxury hotel, where they are spending the weekend.
In the Polish language version the voiceover is done by actors from Szczecin – Beata Zygarlicka and Konrad Pawicki. The film was shot in Berlin and Szczecin. Post-production and distribution of the film was done by the renowned Canadian film agency National Film Board, winner of multiple Oscars for short films. The music score was composed by Normand Roger, author of soundtrack to 6 Oscar productions.
The film has been co-financed by the Polish Film Institute and the Westpomeranian Film Fund POMERANIA FILM.
The Szczecin Academy of Art and the 13muz Cultural Centre are strategic partners of the project.




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