Nur der Pole bringt die Kohle

Running time: 84‘

The border between Poland and Germany fell in 2004. At first the Poles feared that their rich neighbours would buy up their land and property. Ten years later things look different: a new movement has started in the almost abandoned villages of the provincial East German border regions. The drop in real estate prices made a region that until recently attracted attention only because it was depopulated, attractive to Polish families from the wider Szczecin area. They earn enough money to afford houses here and at the same time live near their workplaces. The Poles are conquering the lonely expanse of their West. The only working mobile phone network is Polish, the real estate companies are firmly under Polish control, the local building society is advertising German child benefits. The new arrivals learn German and send their children to the European School. A whimsical sociological study about cheap real estate, typical Poles and Germans, the other and the new Europe.



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