Running time: 21’03’’

Production: PL 2015

Since the late 19th century explorers from around the world were trying to climb Africa's highest mountain. Some of them made it to the snow-covered Uhuru Peak, others weren't successful and had to turn back. There were also those who lost their lives trying to climb “the roof of Africa.” Each year almost 200,000 tourists and climbers attempt to reach the top. A third do not succeed due to altitude sickness. However, many manage to finish the trek and receive certificates that confirm they climbed Uhuru. Meanwhile, nobody even hears about the real heroes of this risky expedition: the people who make climbing Kilimanjaro possible for tourists, and thus enabling them to achieve their goal and realize a dream. They are always overshadowed by the climbers – forgotten people... However, on occasion, the trail becomes birthplace of new friendships.




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