The Special Chair

Running time: 16’

Production: IT 2015

Jeoffrey is an African baby affected by Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. He does not move, he is not able to support the head and communicates his needs by attracting attention with mourning or smiles. Jeoffrey spends his days on the couch, lying on it or sitting in the corner in a kind of nest made out of blankets by his mother. His disease will not allow him to achieve any degree of autonomy. For this reason having a good appliance becomes very important in order to maintain a correct posture, thus avoiding the onset of other deformations and enabling Jeoffrey to participate in social life of his family. He needs a specific aid, but how could one provide it in a Kenyan’s rural area where they lack basic services? “The Special Chair” answers this question with a unique experience.



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