Mister James

Running time: 20’

Production: GER/ISR 2014

For thousands of years, pilgrims of different religions have been visiting the city of Jerusalem, in order to encounter transcendental experiences. Some of these pilgrims, however, are likely to suffer delusions, for they shall identify themselves with a holy persona. Psychiatrists came to call this  phenomenon “The Jerusalem Syndrome.” Mister James has now lived in Jerusalem as Jesus for 5 years. With no place to stay, no money and no shoes he is now pursuing his self-proclaimed call. Having attracted the attention of Jerusalem’s tourists, the modern evangelist has not taken the easy way, for there is an increasing amount of  people declaring him insane and questioning his way of life. As the film follows Mister James on his pilgrimage through the holy land, social, political, cultural and religious differences and dimensions of the region become visible.



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