Cities (Potential space)

Running time: 30’
Production: GER 2014
“Cities (Potential space)” provides a thematic context to potential spaces in the city; the opening up of urban spaces raises the question of to what extent life can be shaped. The city is unaware of stillness; it changes, perishes, emerges anew, always in a state of becoming. The shape the city could assume, how it will appear in the future – these are the aspects explored in the film. The investigated concepts include urban visions and city models, spatial and temporal passages, borderlines, places of transition and thresholds. The source material for “Cities (Potential space)” are 9 sequential photo works depicting urban experiences with potential spaces. Each city is described (in a manner similar to Italo Calvino in “Le città invisibili” by concentrating on a personal, emotional aspect of urban life.




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