The Best Films in the World: ”Naked Island”

20.10.2015, Tuesday, 20:30
Trafostacja of Art in Szczecin, ul. Świętego Ducha 4 (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: The Best Films In The World

About 60 years ago a certain man went missing for four years. He came back changed, together with a painful secret. “Naked Island” is an 
investigation built on the ruins of the past. A mosaic of clues – family pictures and intimate confessions from a well-knot group of people,who have been brought together by one place, the island of broken souls. Screened at festivals all over Europe, the film was awarded distinction at the Zagreb Film Festival and the Heart of Sarajevo Award for the best documentary film at the Sarajevo Film Festival 2014.
Admission 15zł


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