VARIA: ''The Great Green Wall, Africa for Africa'' and "Father0"

D: Konrad Pachciarek, CI, ED: Łukasz Nyks; PL 2015, COL, 44’
A film story about the different relations between young boys and their fathers – ones who are absent, unknown. The boys try to face them, and some of them also try to grow up to be fathers themselves, though they have not been prepared for that at all. What will happen to them? 
The film is a result of the collaborative, narrational work of ArtCrew group members, based at the MOW (Youth Educational Centre) in Trzebież. The film's screenwriter and director, Konrad Pachciarek, talked to the boys and listened to their stories, which he then shaped into a film narrative, at the same time trying to keep as much as possible from the young actors' lifestyle, internal relations, and language.
FATHER0 features the music and musicians of the band Luxtorpeda.
Konrad Pachciarek
Born in 1977, lawyer, founder and artistic director of Abanoia Theatre (since 2004), writer and director of film “Father0,” author and director of theatre plays, including: “Gwiazda” (2004), “Mateyko” (2005), “Tokszok” (2006), “Figurae” (2006), “Warzywa” (2008), “Rozmowy” (2010), “Fitness” (2011), “No.body” (2014), co-creator of the ArtCrew art group based at the MOW (Youth Educational Centre) in Trzebież, board member of the West Pomeranian Theatrical OFFensive (ZOT), director of the national theatre festival SOFFT (2007-2013), curator of Przegląd Twórczości Młodzieży (Review of Creative Work by Youth) PRZETWORNIK.
Wielka Zielona Ściana, Afryka – Afryce
D: Małgorzata Frymus, CI, ED: Łukasz Nyks; PL 2015, COL, 53’17”
For 10 years young Africans have been going to the desert to plant trees during their school holidays. Within a few days they turn many acres of land subject to desertification into a future forest. Small plants give future generations hope for a better life. The film talks about a project of the Community of Sahel-Saharan States supported by the African Union, the aim of which is to stop the desert. After 10 years and having planted millions of trees, changes are visible. The cattlemen no longer have to walk many kilometres with their animals to feed them, the farmers can saw their fields and collect sizeable crops, and housewives can sell surplus fruit and vegetables from multifunctional gardens. 
Film director Małgorzata Frymus and cinematographer Łukasz Nyks were planting the trees together with the youth.

Małgorzata Frymus

She is from Szczecin. Graduate of the Catholic University of Lublin and the Film School in Łódź. Journalist and reporter for Polish Radio Szczecin, deals mostly with culture topics. Co-creator of broadcasts, including “Trochę Kultury” and “Posydeńki” - a broadcast for the Ukrainian minority. She worked with TVP Polish National Television (Szczecin branch). She made over a dozen TV programs and reportages. Lecturer at the University of Szczecin. For years she has been working with the OFFicyna Association, the Zachęta Sztuki Współczesnej, and the Stowarzyszenie Ińskie Lato Filmowe.

Łukasz Nyks

Born in 1984, cinematographer, editor, created cinematography for films and music videos (including “Sinfonietta,” “Nie tak bardzo nad morzem,” “Furious”). Co-owner of the Mstudio film group.

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