Premiere Chillout with the Jackpot duo

Premiere of the album “Historie wielkiej wagi” by the Jackpot duo – where else but at SEFF '15? Music stories on which one could build a film script.

Jackpot is a great duo both in life and onstage. The hypnotising voice of Katarzyna Buja and the brilliant classical guitar work by Maciej Kazuba guarantee captivating musical experiences of the highest level. Their recitals are a sentimental, although tinted with good humour, trip to a world where music was written by true composers and lyrics by great poets. Their repertoire, performed in the duo's own arrangements, include songs by Hanna Banaszak, Ewa Bem, Krystyna Prońko, Andrzej Zaucha, Kabaret Starszych Panów, and Grażyna Łobaszewska. As part of this year's Szczecin European Film Festival we wish to invite you to Jackpot's concert, which will also be the premiere of their album titled “Historie wielkiej wagi.” On the record, as well as live, apart from Katarzyna Buja and Maciej Kazuba, we will hear: Krzysztof Baranowski, Tomasz Szczęsny, Janusz “Kanapa” Jędrzejewski, and Marcin “Pesos” Stachowiak.

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