Crossing the Boundaries – Tomasz Raczek, Bartosz Wójcik

The dynamic stage of development is entering the next level. Other branches of art, such as literature and graphics, are not only influencing the medium of film and video, but also draw from them and enhance them. The basis of civilisational development, which is hundreds of years old – the book – is currently experiencing a revival in multimedia form, whose audio layer is accompanied by the increasingly important visual layer. At the same time, fans of specific cinema heroes like James Bond or Indiana Jones don't just shoot their own remakes and tell their stories in film form, they also absorb new areas of creative work and make comic books, haikus, and other works about their idols.
In a world of progressing cultural sampling, the issue of copyright is becoming increasingly relevant. Its thematisation has recently given rise to snap chat culture. It also opens new areas of discussion, for instance questioning the sense of cinematic mega-investments. In recent years, investing in film has in itself become a deposit in the broadly-understood cultural industries. Here one can also witness the effects of globalisation. The product is no longer just the movie, but the entire project composed of numerous elements that can function independently, such as a computer game, a museum exhibition, or mobile application. This way, nowadays, film permeates specific genres of art and modern technology, and is leading us into a new dimension of virtual reality. It may culminate in hologram technology. Whether it will be so – we cannot say for sure just yet, naturally.
Curators: Tomasz Raczek, Bartosz Wójcik 
Moderator: Tomasz Raczek
autor zdjęcia: Piotr Furman
Film critic, journalist, publisher, lecturer, director of film channels, creator of television and radio programmes, author and co-author of books on cinema. Along with Zygmunt Kałużyński he created the famous review duo known for their heated arguments about films. He worked for many papers and periodicals, including “Wprost,” “Rzeczpospolita,” “Polityka,” “”Film,” “Teatr,” “Ekran,” “Kino,” “Cinema,” “Playboy,” “The European,” and “The Mortal Gazette.” He loves the sea and passenger ships. He collects books, paintings, and all manner of marine-related objects. He dreams to live in a real lighthouse with a view of the horizon.
Author, curator of artistic Project, certified cultural manager, a PhD in history, director of the Szczecin European Film Festival. Scholarship-holder from DAAD, ÖAD, Friedrich Naumann Foundation. Received the NBP award for young regional artists (2004) and the National Geographic Traveller award (2011). Researcher at the University of Szczecin. 
  • Die Wikinger (global project)
  • Fan fiction:
    • Indiana Jones and the Staff of Moses (comic)
    • Treasure of the Templars (fan film)
    • An Indiana Jones Adventure in the Amazing Atun Tunichal Muknal Cave (haiku)
    • James Bond 007: One Last Shot (fan film) 
  • Tomasz Lipko „Notebook" (multimedia book) 
  • Snap chat


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