The Academy of Art at SEFF


From the beginning of its existence in 2010 the Szczecin Academy of Art has been running over a dozen multimedia workshops – first as part of the New Media Faculty, and then since 2012 of the Faculty of Painting and New Media.
Students carry out their individual projects here, but they also participate in meetings and discussions with renowned artists, in screenings, in artistic performances. The process of education at the Faculty of Painting and New Media is focused upon learning the language of film and visual arts, raising the awareness of young artists and opening them to exploration and experimentation. The works created during the five years of the Academy of Art's existence have been shown at many exhibitions and festivals, such as Thailand International Film Destination Festival, the “Best Off” Festival for Best Independent Films, 9 Planete + Doc Film Festival, and Media Art Biennale WRO.
The productions we are presenting have been chosen from among the best films created in the workshops of Audiovisual and Performative Projects, Intermedia and Interactive Projects, Photography and Photomedia, and Experimental Film.
  1. Halo! Uwaga!, D, CI, ED: Horacy Muszyński; PL 2015, COL, 14’15”
  2. Soft grid - Hospital floor, D, ED: Aneta Sieniawska, Konrad Wujciów, CI: Konrad Wujciów, CA: Gryfici Szczecin; PL 2015, COL, FI, 6’47”
  3. Jebać biedę, D, CI, ED: Justyna Kaniuk; PL 2015, COL, 0’55”
  4. Dlaczego umysł jest w głowie?, D, CI, ED: Piotr Bruch; PL 2015, COL, AN, 1’15”
  5. Sztuka postkonsumpcyjna, D, CI, ED: Andrzej Mara, CA: Alicja Nowak, COL, 2’09”
  6. Wersja 1, D, CI: Teresa Otulak, ED: Teresa Otulak, Horacy Muszyński, Konrad Wujciów, CA: Horacy Muszyński; PL 2015, COL, 6’37”
  7. Poszukiwacz, D, ED: Artur Rozen, CI: Artur Rozen, Rafał Żarski; PL 2015, COL, FI, 6’47”
  8. PSI, D, CI, ED, CA: Barbara Szczepanik, PL 2015, COL, FI, 6’47”
  9. Krótki film, żeby tylko zaliczyć, D, ED: Mateusz Żegliński, CI: Mateusz Żegliński, Diana Marczewska, CA: Dorota Świszczewska, Piotr Wesołowski, COL, AN, 4’55”
  10. Ciążę, D, CI, ED, CA: Marcin Korneluk; PL 2015, COL, 3’21”


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