Oktoberfest 1910–1980

The film story of one of the most popular German celebrations – Munich's Oktoberfest.
Thanks to the films presented, the viewers will have a chance to see how tradition changed during a period of over 70 years – starting from early German silent movies and amateur recordings, through bits of films used in the daily news, to films that experiment with image and sound. 
The oldest film materials from 1910 show the 100th Oktoberfest, celebrated on a great scale, which was also the 100th anniversary of Ludwig I and princess Therese, who were the first to allow the festivities to be held.
The first years after the First World War did not favour Oktoberfest celebrations. It was not until the 1920s that, with the economy's upturn, there came a chance to bring back the old tradition. Thanks to the development of technology that made documenting easier and of higher quality, this period has a much better recorded history.
1935 marked Oktoberfest's 125th anniversary. This celebration was very different in its character because of the nationalists having come to power. As a result of the participation of many members of the armed forces, the celebration gained a military overtone, and in 1936 Oktoberfest also acquired new colours – the colours of the city, which had been used in the march, were replaced with swastikas.
The first post-WW2 Oktoberfest took place in 1948, and in the background one could still see the ruins of destroyed cities. The tradition was only entirely renewed in the 1950s. In this period there were also more and more films that showed the increasingly modern highlights of Oktoberfest and its progressive commercialisation. 
The entire history of Oktoberfest will be pictured in archival films from 1910-1980.
1. Valentin auf der Festwiese, D: Karl Valentin, Liesl Karlstadt,1921,18'
2. Münchener Oktoberfest, D: Max Grix, 1939, 12'
3. München: Oktoberfest, D: anonimowy, 1949, 2'
4. Münchener Oktoberfest, D: Fritz Müller, 1950, 9'
5. Auf geht's, D: anonimowy, 1948, 2'
6. Oktoberfest, D: anonimowy, 1959, 17'
7. Der Wiesnpostbote, D: Percy Adlon, 1974, 17'


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