Ulf Kristiansen

About the artist

Born in  1969, Norway. He is a painter and video-artist. Ulf Kristiansen is currently living at Nesodden, a peninsula outside of Oslo, Norway. While starting out as a figurative painter, Ulf is now mainly focusing on 3d animation and machinima. His films have partaken in numerous international video festivals and exhibitions.
The paintings of George W. Bush (2015)
Jealous guy (2014)
Jesus in the manger (Ashley Reaks, 2013)
I feel you (2012)
The Caring bears (2010)
The Tiger and the Lamb (2009)
My Little Ponygirl (2009)
The Abyss (2008)
She Burns (Ashley Reaks, 2008) 
Tamin Sah Pade (2007)
Mechanic mix (2007)
What I learned in 2006 (2007) 
The Art Reception (2006)
The Doctrine of Hell (2006)


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