Simon Welch

About the artist

He is a British filmmaker based in France since 1994.  Following a BA in Fine Art from Liverpool Polytechnic, he studied at Strasbourg University where he obtained an MA and a PhD in visual arts, during which time he began working with video. 
Domain and Range (2015)
Prelude (2014) 
Focus (2014) 
Cast (2012)
Psychosomatic Event (2011)
Bobby (2010)
Western (2009)
Euro Vision (2009) 
Low Tide (2009)  
Summertime Blues (2008)  
Final Call (2007)  
Encounter (2007) 
Shades (2007) 
Tam Tam (2007) 
Flotsum (2007) 
Something Old, Something New (2007)
En Paix (2006)
Water Under The Bridge (2006) 
Tamarins (2006) 
French Revolution (2005)


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