List of SEFF '15 West Pomerania Shorts finalists

The organisers are happy to say that this year's West Pomerania Shorts semi-finals were a success both in terms of the number of submissions (there was a lot to choose from) as well as technical quality and variety. During three meetings (we began in spring and the last semi-final took place in late summer), the audience has voted for the following films to take part in the 2015 finals: 
1. "...bawmy się razem...Woodstock 2013" by: Krzysztof Kuźnicki, Anna Wiśniewska, Andrzej Richter, Ryszard Soldat, Maria Soldat, Magdalena Richter, elena Biała, Halina Jarmołowicz, Poland 2014,
2. "Córy Wody" by: Sonia Pałęga, Poland 2014
3. "Czcij ojca swego" by: Mateusz Żegliński, Poland 2015
4. "Ginsberg albo malaria" by: Kuba Ptaszyński, Poland 2014
5. "Honor" by: Mateusz Żegliński, Poland 2015
6. "Lekarze dusz" by: Janusz Bojański, Poland 2015
7. "Nancy Sinatra – Friday's Child" by: Szymon Karpierz, Poland 2015
8. "Wiatraki" by: Kuba Ptaszyński, Poland 2015
9. "Zielony i czarny" by: Mateusz Żegliński, Poland 2015 
Due to the aforementioned high level and number of submissions, by the decision of curator Joanna Wójcik, the following productions have also been qualified:
10. "Rilke" by: Aleksander Cywiński, Dariusz Kret, Karol Maćków, Poland 2015
11. "Wata cukrowa" by: Karol Kołodziński, Poland 2015
12. "Większy zjada mniejszego" by: Dagmara Pochyła, Poland 2015
At the final meeting on October 18th, during Szczecin European Film Festival, the winner will be selected through the joint votes from the audience and a jury of three. The following awards await the laureate:
The Award of the Director of the Pomerania Dukes' Castle in Szczecin, in the form of a premiere screening of the awarded author's new film.
The Special Award of the Český Film film pub for the SEFF '15 West Pomerania Shorts laureate. In-kind prize.
Congratulations to all finalists! We are eagerly waiting for the winner!
added:: 2015-10-05
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