The Program Committee of the SEFF 2015 competition section begins the selection process.

On June 30th the Program Committee started discussing the competition section for SEFF 2015. The members of this fine council are faced with quite a challenge; let us remind you that the number of this year's submissions amounts to around 1800! The films will be selected by:


Jörg Foth – graduated from directing at the College of Film and Television in Potsdam, made his first film "Das Eismeer ruft" ("The Arctic Sea Calls") in 1983. In 1984 was employed as director at the DEFA studio, and worked there as a director's assistant and actor. Since 1991 he has been working mostly for television and theatre. Member of the dokumentART and Szczecin European Film Festival Program Committees.

Joanna Wójcik – graduated from culture studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Coordinator of eight instalments of the Klatka Polish Review of Amateur Films, on charge of Szczecin's Palace Cinema program in the years 2003-2007 and of the MOK club cinema program in Dąbie (2008-2010), writes about film ("Nowy Nurt," "Polonistyka," "fo:pa," "Dialogi"). Co-heads the OFFilm project. Since 2002 she has been the coordinator of the voivodeship stage of the Polish Film Knowledge Competition for high-school youth in West Pomerania. Co-author of the film section program for Westival - The Art of Architecture in 2011. Member of the EFFD dokumentART Program Committee since 2007, member of the Szczecin European Film Festival Program Committee since 2014, coordinator of the Szczecin European Film Festival program blocks.
dr Bartosz Wójcik – certified cultural manager, President of the OFFicyna Association, head of the OFFicyna place of art, curator and organiser of artistic projects, artistic director of Szczecin European Film Festival (director of EFFD dokumentART until 2012), member of the Program Committee; expert on Polish-German cultural and artistic relations; translator; multimedia artist; scholarship-holder of the German government (1995), of the Austrian government (1997-1998), and of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (2001-2004). Laureate of the Polish National Bank grant for yound artists of the region in 2004. PhD in humanities, lecturer at the Szczecin University. Associated with OFFicyna since its very beginnings.
added:: 2015-07-01
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