Celebrate Europe Week 2015.

On May 9th, Saturday, starts the the third edition of Europe Week, organised by the European Information Point Europe Direct - Szczecin. The event aims to familiarise the inhabitants of West Pomerania with the actiions undertaken by the European Union, as well as with the rights that EU citizens are entitled to.

Europe Week has many events in store:

May 9th – European Picnic, featuring dancing with Kapela Hałasów, storytelling with Magda Polkowska, and a visual arts station;

May 12th – conference: „Poles help! Developmental cooperation in practice”;

May 13th-15th - Evenings with Eropean Cinema, co-organised by the OFFicyna Association;

May 16th-17th - the „Rozwój w obiektywie” exhibition, as part of the European Night of Museums.

These are just a few of the events planned for the upcoming days. For more information please go to: Punkt Informacji Europejskiej Europe Direct - Szczecin.

See you!



added:: 2015-05-05
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